Dominic Pettman

2:30PM Dominic Pettman, The New School

Vox Mundi: The Aural Punctum as Worlding Refrain”

In a previous article,  I introduced the notion of the “aural punctum” – a sonic extension or analog of Barthes’ famous photographic prick or wound; especially as it relates to the gendered female voice. In this foray, I seek to unpack this concept further, going beyond the human(ist) residues of this melancholic motif in order to better understand how “the voice” might be a site of not only creaturely concern and communication (humans, whales, parrots, etc.), but non-subjective expression of the elements themselves. Who or what can rightly claim to have a voice? Is it a property or capacity that belongs to a subject, even a nonhuman subject? Or might “the voice” be located somewhere between the sonic shadows of the world, and the ear of the be-listener?

Auditors are requested to peruse my article “Pavlov’s Podcast: The Acousmatic Voice in the Age of MP3s,” differences 22, nos. 2 & 3 (2011): 141-167.